About Us

AbbyLUG is a small but diverse RLUG (Recognized Lego Users Group) operating out of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Although our name incorporates Abbotsford we have members in Chilliwack, Mission, and Langley as well. We try to cycle our monthly meetings through these cities so that no one group has to continually commute.

As you can see from our posts we are active at a number of local events throughout the year: Abbotsford’s Berry Beat, The Mission Kids Festival, and The Mount Cheam Lions Train Show to name a few. But public events are not all we do, we are primarily a group of Lego enthusiasts that enjoy coming together and discussing the many aspects of our hobby, from collecting to building MOCs.

Meet the LUG:

jimbobbrickJames – Director #1 (aka Lord Primus)

I’ve been an AFOL since rediscovering my passion for the brick back in 2012. I enjoy almost every theme there is, but I would say that I primarily build Trains and Castle. Cafe Corner style modular buildings and Giant Robots follow closely after. My favorite official Lego theme is currently Nexo Knights, they are so much fun to play with even as an adult. Watch for my growing roster of BC Rail locomotives and rolling stock if you ever get out to the train show.


Jeremy – Financial Director


Kevin – Public Relations Director


Robin – Member


Jonathan – Member


Peter – Member


LeesigfigLee – Member

I didn’t know it, however, I became an AFOL late in 2011. I went to my first Adult Lego Club meeting where we played the “dirty brickster” game, it rhymes with trickster for a reason. It is super fun! I will explain later when you join our club. I digress…this reignited my flare for Lego building and led me to the world of Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL)

I am a Branch Manager by day and at night I become a Lego enthusiast, tossing bricks around like a mad scientist to create my next MOC, not unlike the Tasmanian devil cartoon character. Generally, I would consider myself a flow-builder… I let the bricks do the “talking.” I see a cool element and it triggers an idea, asking myself…what can I do with this part, how can I utilize this in my next MOC. Meaning, I start most of my models with Right Brain thinking – creativity and artistic senses.  In turn, if presented with large project to recreate a particular structure I revert to Left brain thinking – logic, calculations, etc… not as much fun though.

For the most part there is no Lego theme I would not pick up and try to build, redesign or innovate into something interesting. That being said, I grew up with Classic Castle and Space, with some Technic sets. Now, I appreciate all things Lego as I expect others to have my level of passion and I can’t understand when they do not share this view point. Lol.

My personal experience is the Lego community has been awesome, they are inclusive, receptive, and welcoming. I have attended fan conventions and have participated behind the scenes in such venues as Brickcon in Seattle and BrickCan in Richmond, BC. I would recommend this to anyone that is still on the fence or undecided about going. It is amazing, don’t missed out!

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