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Brick Can 2016

Teaser3Well, the beans are finally spilled. We’ve been giddy with anticipation since the first whisperings of the hint of this event reached our ears (in secret). Now the countdown has officially begun. We have less than a year to go before our first in hopefully a long line of annual Vancouver Lego Conventions takes place.

Hit up the official site for all the particulars, like it on Facebook even, if you are into that sort of thing.

What I know is that we can look forward to 4 amazing days of Lego goodness right here in the valley. 2 Days of public viewing, so bring your MOCs, and 2 days of AFOL oriented goodness. We’ve got such a great group of AFOLs here that this just has to be good. Come on out and see what this community is all about!


17th Annual Mount Cheam Lions Train Show

AbbyLUG & VLCThis was the second year of AbbyLUG participation at the long-running Train and Hobby show benefiting the Mount Cheam Lions. We had as much fun as last year getting our displays ready for the viewing public.

Custom ModularsIMG_1074Instead of going strictly in a Lego City direction we branched out to showcase some of our members’ most passionate themes. Castle, Space, Post-apoc, and Christmas Village sections were full of detailed custom models and sets.ArkhamPost-apocManor HouseClassic M-TronChristmas VillageThe two day event attracted thousands of attendees, both young and old and we had a great time talking about our hobby and answering questions. It seems that people are always amazed at the shape Lego bricks can take in the hands of a dedicated builder.Riders of.. the white hand?Who ya gonna call!?Last Minute?Especially popular was the Mad Max section built by our member Lee. Those old enough to recall the movie enjoyed picking out the various details added to the vehicles and characters.So much orange!Well dang!MaxSmaug made a special appearance atop one of the castle keeps, an early glimpse at the famed dragon from the new Hobbit sets.

Smaug the TerribleAnd all in all we had a great time. We will be back next year!


July 2014 Guildford Lego Store Display

Calling all Lego space fanatics – if you didn’t have the opportunity to check out AbbyLUG’s tribute to Lego space through the decades, now is your chance! See if you can name all of the Lego space themes represented here.

IMG_20140801_210744 IMG_20140801_210732 IMG_20140801_210627  IMG_20140801_210722 IMG_20140801_210707 IMG_20140801_210715IMG_20140801_210645



If you like this build, look for an even bigger and better space display from AbbyLUG at the Chilliwack Train and Hobby Show coming up in October!

AbbyLUG Display at Guildford Lego Store

If you get a chance to stop by the Lego store in Guildford Mall during the month of March, be sure to check out the Community Display Window. Fellow AbbyLUG member James and I are proud to present our Legends of Chima themed creation featuring the Croc and Lion tribes preparing to do battle. We had a lot of fun building it and I think it shows! Click the link below for pictures, and keep checking back every month at Guildford Lego Store for a new display.

Guildford Lego Store March Display

AbbyLUG on CityTV Vancouver

The Lego Movie is out in theatres today, and yesterday I had the privilege of representing AbbyLUG on Breakfast TV in Vancouver to talk about the Lego Movie and the joys of being an Adult Fan of Lego! I was in the distinguished company of Lego Certified Professional Robin Sather and Paul Hetherington, AKA The Brick Baron. We had a great time showcasing our creations!

Make sure to get out and see the Lego Movie – there is plenty for Lego enthusiasts of all stripes to enjoy, particularly all the shout outs to the AFOL community. Enjoy 🙂

The Chilliwack Train & Hobby Show

Preparations are well underway for the Chilliwack Train & Hobby Show coming mid October. About seven of our members have really come together to collaborate on the main portion of our build, the city center. For many of us this is our first time building the fancy looking facades that LEGO has made popular through their Modular Building line and it is a challenge, but one that we are up to. We have many types of buildings and shops not often seen at these sorts of events, from a sushi restaurant and a brewery, to a bridal store and ice cream parlour. Along the roads we already have a large stable of 6 wide classic cars, a plethora of trucks and other vehicles. Beyond the confines of the city center we are planning a Renaissance fair on castle grounds, as well as a mine in the side of a mountain, an old west town over yonder, and even a haunted forest. Trains are the focus, though, and the layout covers a square at least 20′ by 20′, with a fantastic water feature and a massive switchyard. We will post pictures as we progress, as well as at the event, but to truly take in what we hope is a wonderful display you’ve got to be there in person!