The Chilliwack Train & Hobby Show

Preparations are well underway for the Chilliwack Train & Hobby Show coming mid October. About seven of our members have really come together to collaborate on the main portion of our build, the city center. For many of us this is our first time building the fancy looking facades that LEGO has made popular through their Modular Building line and it is a challenge, but one that we are up to. We have many types of buildings and shops not often seen at these sorts of events, from a sushi restaurant and a brewery, to a bridal store and ice cream parlour. Along the roads we already have a large stable of 6 wide classic cars, a plethora of trucks and other vehicles. Beyond the confines of the city center we are planning a Renaissance fair on castle grounds, as well as a mine in the side of a mountain, an old west town over yonder, and even a haunted forest. Trains are the focus, though, and the layout covers a square at least 20′ by 20′, with a fantastic water feature and a massive switchyard. We will post pictures as we progress, as well as at the event, but to truly take in what we hope is a wonderful display you’ve got to be there in person!

2 thoughts on “The Chilliwack Train & Hobby Show

  1. Andrew Robertson

    How many 32×32 baseplates are your buildings going toi take up?it sounds like youve got one block and extra already.It sounds like you wont need many of our buildings from VLC .The large cars can go down one side and the castle in the corner?Do I have to come out one night and meet with guys to hammer out a few things .I gotta say your buildings look great.Like I said b4 we can move the track around to go through castles or monster trucks.Do you need figs to populate anywhere .I have a bunch of lego trees and some greenery to go around.I believe I have enough baseplates to cover all the areas.If one of you wants to give me a call 604-931-2603 or e-mail or facebook me we’ll see what we are going to look like at the show.

    thanks Andrew ,


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