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Want an amazing creation built for you, your company or your event? Want to add some clout to your event? Lego is a great way to attract eyeballs to whatever it is you are doing. With spectacular creations and play brick for the kids, AbbyLUG makes a great attraction.



Our team likes to go into a situation prepared. The success of any build or event is improved with an effective date being selected in advance. It also helps us scout out the location and spend time ensuring that we can deliver for you and your team effectively. However, we are always open to last minute needs. Share with us and we will see what we can do!


Event Costs

Costs will vary depending on the nature of the event, length of days, nature of the build/display and conditions we are working with. Once we have an understanding of your needs we can plot a plan out and begin to cost it for you and your team. For most charity events or events where we are promoting ourselves the costs will range from minimal to no cost.


MOC Costs

AbbyLUG can create custom Lego builds and creations for permanent display or for charity auctions. The value of a Lego MOC(My Own Creation) is dependent on the size of the build, the time frame provided to deliver and if it is permanent or temporary. It takes time to obtain specific parts so please provide as much notice as possible. If you are doing a charity auction please make sure you are selling the right item to the right crowd.



Creators of artwork and builds prefer to not have people touching their stuff. We prefer to be able to bring our own creations home in one piece when an event is done. It is important that there are barriers, stanchions and people there to protect the Lego creations. We've had grabby toddlers run off with creations and overly curious people pick up frail objects that were never meant to be handled. Having barriers and security makes a more enjoyable show for the public and for us.


Other types of events

AbbyLUG is open to events of any kind as long as they align with the vision of our club and LEGO. We are open to events and ideas that may not fit with our typical displays. This could include fundraisers, school events, consulting, etc. If you have an idea that you are interested in us helping with, please contact us and we will listen to your idea. LEGO comes from the danish phrase LEG GODT which means play well. If you have something where you believe that theme needs some extra help, call us and we will do our best to listen and see if we can be that help.

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We are NOT the LEGO® Group of companies.

We do NOT represent them. They do NOT represent us.

This is simply a club of hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts and builders who enjoy all the things that The LEGO® Group produces.

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