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Joining a LUG (Lego User Group) is a great way to meet people with a similar love and passion for the brick. It can take your hobby to the next level. There are opportunities to socialize and learn from fellow builders both within the local community and worldwide.


Primary Membership is for Adults

Our primary club is for those that are 18 years and older. Our meetings are for primary club and potential members only. For younger LEGO fans of our adult members we have a Junior participation program for our events that allows them to learn and be a part of the LUG experience. We also have clubs specifically for your younger builders that we can connect them with and some of our members run.



We expect people to attend as many meetings as possible and as many events as possible. Our events are only successful if our club works as a team to make them great. To be nominated to become a full member, at least three meetings and one event must be attended. This allows our club members to get to know you and assure that membership is a win-win.


Dues & Rewards

There are very minor annual membership fees for accepted members. Additionally, we have a rewards system for members that attend and help out. Our favorite reward is Brick of course and for members that participate regularly, rewards will be plenty.



Meetings are a great way to connect to people who love Lego. We spend some time talking about and planning for upcoming events, Club matters and just general fun brick talk. Sometimes we will play building games, building contests and have set drafts. We also have a Christmas party and a summer BBQ. (What's a Draft in LEGO you might ask? A draft is when we acquire multiples of one set and sort them all into piles of individual parts and then we draw lots and take piles one at a time. That way you end up with lots of the same pieces and you get what you want.)



We have at least three major events per year and any number of smaller ones. LEGO supports our events through the Community engagement program. Since the success of events is built on our team working together and helping, our reward system rewards for events. Some events may have MOC building challenges to encourage members to make new creations.



We hold the right to refuse entry into the club. We are ambassadors to the community and represent our hobby. Even though we are not employed by LEGO we do represent the company, its products and the LEGO building community as a whole. We have expectations of good behavior from our members. Members with unacceptable behavior can cause real harm to the club. We want AbbyLUG to be inclusive and safe for both the members and the public.

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We are NOT the LEGO® Group of companies.

We do NOT represent them. They do NOT represent us.

This is simply a club of hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts and builders who enjoy all the things that The LEGO® Group produces.

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