BrickCan 2021

brickcan 2021 01The BrickCan 2021 online Lego convention was a three day online Zoom party. While not the same as the beloved live event, BrickCan 2021 was still a big hit. From Friday May 14th to Sunday May 16th Lego enthusiast from all over joined together in one big online hangout.

They had online talks with Lego builders and designers from the Lego factory in Billund Denmark. Lego Employees Matthew Ashton & Tara Wike gave a presentation on the World of Collectible Minifigures. Designer Chris McVeigh talked about his Bird of Paradise set. Lego House Employee Stuart Harris joins us to discuss the Lego House & the Lego House exclusive sets.

We also got a chance to learn about Fairy Bricks. A non-profit organization that delivers Lego sets to children in over 200 hospitals around the world. Fairy Bricks started in the UK and has spread to 26 other countries and has a base in Abbotsford.

AFOLs had lots of opportunities to hang out and chat. We had a session were everyone could show off their latest creations. And then there was “Anything can Happen” a fun filled evening were people made crazy creations and stuck them to their faces.

All in all it was a great time and I’m looking forward to next year when we can all go back to having the live event again.

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